Good for me—but bad for America?

Dear Reader,

Hi, my name is Porter Stansberry. I’m the founder of Stansberry Research (formed 21 years ago).

I wanted to reach out to you because a few hours ago, you requested to download my firm’s report on the greatest legal transfer of wealth in American history…

And I want to tell you just a bit more about me and this wealth-transfer idea.

You see, I grew up in an average, middle-class home, outside Orlando, Florida.

I wasn’t given anything special.

I went to public schools, and have worked all my life. As a lifeguard at Walt Disney World to help pay for college, for example… and eventually as an investment analyst for one of the wealthiest men in the world, who owns hundreds of thousands of acres of real estate in Central America, South America, the U.S., and Europe.

In the years since, I’ve given my family, my customers, and my partners and employees the chance for huge amounts of wealth… all by understanding a huge, once-in-a-generation shift, now taking place in America.

(This has nothing to do with coronavirus, by the way, but the recent health pandemic is rapidly accelerating this shift.)

As I said, I’ve described what’s taking place as the “Greatest legal transfer of wealth in U.S. history.”

And look, I want to make it clear: I don’t think what’s happening is fair.

Yes, it has been good for me… but I’m sad and terrified for what this massive new wealth trend is doing to our country. And I know it’s going to continue to accelerate… to get more powerful… to become even more disruptive.

You see: While millions of Americans have been left behind so far, tens of millions more will be left behind in the coming decade if they don’t take the critical steps now.

Meanwhile, anyone who understands what lies at the root of these trends can have a chance to profit in a big way. It’s not hard – but you MUST understand what’s taking place.

Today, I’m going to explain it all to you in much greater detail—and I promise, you’ve never read about this concept anywhere else before.

The good news is, you don’t have to become one of my customers to take advantage of it—all you have to do is get a handle on the concepts I’m about to outline.

We don’t need socialism in America. We don’t need more money printing, more debt, or a more powerful government.

What we do need instead is a better understanding of how our new economy works… so more and more people can benefit, and the United States can continue to be the greatest place for anyone to rise up and make their own way.

Believe me, the more people who understand what’s happening, the better for all of us.

And that includes you.

No, it’s not too late. But it is getting close…

In another year or two, anyone who doesn’t fully understand this new wave will be left behind.

Get the facts for yourself.

I’ve created a simple presentation that outlines everything you need to know, and details the 3 steps I strongly encourage you to take today.

We’ve posted my presentation on our website.

You can watch it for free by clicking here…


Porter Stansberry
Founder, Stansberry Research
Delivering World-Class Financial Research Since 1999

P.S. Maybe you’ll want to become one of my customers after watching my presentation. Maybe not. It doesn’t matter to me. I know my approach is not for everyone. But still, I strongly encourage you to take just a few minutes to watch my presentation posted here, so you gain a better understanding of what’s REALLY happening in America today.

It will give you a tremendous edge in everything you do.